LCR-P Penthouse

The Evapcold LCR-P product line is based on a penthouse configuration and includes 250 models that have an ammonia charge ranging from 2 to 6 lbs. per TR. The LCR-P is specifically designed to be roof mounted on the refrigerated space. Penthouse units are available with Pumped Recirculated Liquid (PRL) ammonia evaporators for low and medium temperature applications, or Direct Expansion (DX) evaporators for medium and high temperature applications.
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Evapcold – LCR-P Penthouse Units have:

  • The capacity of 10 and 100 TR
  • Room temperatures range from -20ºF to +70ºF
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled condensing
  • Hot gas defrost, air defrost, or no defrost
  • PRL models are a great match for freezers and coolers

LCR-P Penthouse Units – Evapcold Advantages

  • Very low ammonia charge of 3 to 6 lb/TR depending on model size
  • Hot gas defrost on all low & medium temperature models: the most efficient defrost method and allows units to continue running while in defrost mode
  • Very efficient and reliable evaporator operation with low 1.2:1 pumped liquid recirculation rate or DX for medium and high-temperature applications
  • Personnel access to penthouse evaporators is separate from access to the machine room
  • Insulated “Superfloor” under the machine room eliminates the need for a roofer to perform this work
  • EVAPCO self-performs 100% of the packaging scope of work

Lower Energy Consumption

The Evapcold product can reduce a facility’s energy consumption and attain annual energy savings of up to 15% as a result of the following:

  • Variable Speed Drives (VFD) on every compressor, NH3 pump, and condenser fan (for air-cooled models) and also optional on the evaporator fans
  • Room temperature is directly connected to its own compressor suction, not a “house” suction that may be common to different room temperatures
  • Evapcold packages eliminate refrigerant pressure drops associated with long piping runs
  • Evapcold’s built-in software in conjunction with the supervisory control system provides superior energy management

All of the above add up to real energy savings over the course of a year compared to traditional ammonia systems. In addition, the LCR units consume significantly less energy than Freon systems.

Evapcold Product Brochure


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