Smart Shield

Smart Shield provides a complete, reliable, solid chemistry, water treatment system specifically engineered and factory mounted, piped, and wired on your evaporative condenser and closed circuit cooler.
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Smart Shield utilizes solid chemistry which reduces packaging, shipping, and handling compared to liquid products assuring a lower carbon footprint. Solid chemistry also eliminates the potential for liquid spills. Smart Shield includes all the components required for an effective water treatment system by controlling scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth.

  • Easiest startup and commission in the industry
  • Controlled Release and Monitored Release cycles
  • Reduces shipping, handling, and storage weight of chemicals by up to 80%
  • Solid chemistry utilized by the Smart Shield® systems eliminates the potential for liquid spills
  • Safe chemistry handling via specialized packaging
  • Patented technology (US 8,398,850, US 8,518,271, and US 8,093,917)


Factory Mount Feeder (FMF)

  • Factory mounted on the unit’s riser pipe and is engineered specifically for the size of your closed circuit cooler or evaporative condenser
  • Easiest corrosion and scale inhibitor replenishment in the industry

Bio-Control Feeder (BCF)

  • Factory mounted and piped on coil products utilizing EVAPCO’s patented self-draining design
  • Simplifies control of micro-biological activity by releasing biocide whenever the spray water pump is in operation through integrated membrane technology built into the feeder
  • Easy and safe granular biocide is used and replenished monthly

Conductivity Control System

  • Factory mounted, piped, and wired – a simple 120/230 VAC field power connection is all that is required
  • Maximizes water efficiency
  • Data logging via USB port and enhanced data acquisition capabilities
  • Heavy-duty motorized ball valve
  • Large touchscreen interface
  • NEMA 4X construction
  • Toroidal probe to minimize fouling and maintenance

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