Eco-Air Adiabatic Cooler

Unlike other adiabatic cooler products currently on the market, the EVAPCO eco-Air Series units are 100% fully rated. Every eco-Air unit comes with EVAPCO’s exclusive 100% thermal performance guarantee, ensuring peace of mind in selecting the ideal cooling solution for your needs.

The eco-Air adiabatic cooler from Evapco features:

  • Dramatically reduced water consumption
  • 304L stainless steel tubing as standard
  • Aluminum fins as standard
  • Ranging in capacity from 13 to 415 nominal tons
  • IBC Compliant for 1.5 Importance Factor installations
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ships as one piece, ready for installation
  • Low profile

Reduced or Eliminated Water Consumption

Compared to traditional evaporative systems, the eco-Air adiabatic cooler series will either eliminate or dramatically reduce water consumption. Adiabatic models only use water when the ambient conditions and load require it. Reducing water consumption also reduces the ongoing expenses related with the cooling equipment such as purchasing, treating, and disposing of water. When the eco-Air adiabatic cooler models are used in conjunction with the EVAPCO controls package, water conservation is maximized based on proprietary PLC logic.

Reduced Maintenance

Scaling, corrosion, and water born bacteria concerns are minimized or eliminated with dry and adiabatic cooling equipment. The eco-Air Series reduces the maintenance traditionally associated with fully evaporative systems. The eco-Air adiabatic condenser is designed as a once through system, meaning it has no pump and no basin to hold water, which further reduces the time required for maintenance. Additionally, the adiabatic pads filter the air before reaching the coil, limiting the exposure of dirt and debris to the tube and fin heat transfer surface. Both NEMA and EC motor options require zero routine maintenance. There are no bearings to grease, belts to adjust, or fans to pitch and balance.

Advanced Motor Technology

Available with Electronically Commutated (EC) or NEMA fan motor designs. The motors on the eco-Air series are pre-wired at the factory to UL standards, reducing costs associated with field wiring. As standard, all units are wired to a common terminal box. Adding the EVAPCO controls package allows for both single point power supply and complete capacity control.






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