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Simple, Global, Industrialised and Reliable: these are the characteristics of the CO2 FTE 2.0 transcritical system, patent pending in Italy and Australia. This system matches simplicity and performance, with a tested up to 17% energy savings (compared with traditional CO2 systems). In the 2.0 version, the FTE systems guarantees less space and the reduction of installation and start-up times, doing away with the need for additional space in the machine room to house the liquid receiver. It is at the heart of the Life-C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project, within the Mitigation area of the LIFE Programme of the European Union and co-financed by the EU (n° LIFE17 CCM/IT/000120).
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Epta – FTE 2.0 Efficiency, simplicity and stability: The full transcritical efficiency (FTE) system from Epta can do even more. In combination with a transcritical CO2 refrigeration pack, it cools food in an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and reliable way – all year round and in any climate zone. This is because the patented technology works independently of external influences.

The Epta – FTE 2.0 full transcritical efficiency system bears its promise already in the name. Due to the special design of the system, the evaporators of the medium temperature applications are flooded all year round. The evaporation temperature can be increased by up to ten Kelvin, resulting in lower energy consumption on the compressors. In addition, the superheat of the evaporation process is eliminated which leads to a much better heat transfer in the evaporators.

The FTE system enables optimal operation at all ambient conditions and saves energy costs accordingly.

The structure of the system also minimizes oil displacements and guarantees perfect oil management as well as a trouble-free operation.

Al this can be done by only using standard refrigeration components which can be found in any refrigeration shop worldwide. No special expertise is required to maintain service and installation of the FTE system.


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