ETE Extreme Temperature Efficiency is a new technology by Epta which can be combined with FTE to guarantee operation of the transcritical CO2 system at any latitude at any temperature, even higher than 40°C, also on non booster installations, and in industrial refrigeration applications. The technology works without the support of synthetic, flammable refrigerants, or the use of water: the system uses the same CO2 of the transcritical system as its work fluid.
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Epta racks with ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) are modular and scalable, meaning that there’s no limit to capacity in larger industrial applications. The technology works without the support of synthetic, flammable refrigerants, or the use of water: the system uses the same CO2 of the transcritical system. The “secret” of the Epta ETE Extreme Temperature Efficiency is the reduction of refrigerant temperatures before it is distributed to the final utilities.  The gas, going out from the air exchanger, at a value close to ambient temperature, is cooled further. The system allows the almost total disappearance of “flash-gas” (refrigerant to recompress), for significant energy saving and guarantee of the reliability of the correct operation of the system, also above 40°C. Another strong point of ETE is the choice of standard components, easily available and known to the operators, to ensure not only easy installation, but also greater efficiency in the start-up and maintenance phases. More info on the ETE System


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