Enrad’s Modular series

Enrad’s Modular series is a complete cooling and heat pump plant. When you choose our modular series, you’re choosing sustainability when it comes to energy efficiency, climate, and quality. It’s one of the most important things you can do for our planet.

Enrad’s Modular series Features

  • Refrigerants R290, R1270 and R600A
  • The Enrad modular units can be connected in parallel with multiple modules of the same size for the desired total output.
  • Available in temperatures:
  • Intermediate: -4 to -8
  • High: 7-12
  • Heat pump: 50-60
  • High Heat pump 85
  • Available in 4 sizes from(0/35) 45 kW to 90 kW in cooling output and 60 kW to 120 kW in heating output.
  • Control, converter, and electrical connectors isolated from the refrigerant circuit
  • Enrad’s Modular series is Equipped with a digital monitoring system with an online support capability.
  • Easy to place with pallet lift.
  • Control developed with Carel
  •  Have a very high safety standard and features
  • Very low filling quantity means very low CO2e values (maximum 4.3 kg R290).
  • GWP 1
  • OCD 0
  • WCD 0

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