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Tago is our range of transcritical CO2 refrigeration units designed to combine compactness and high reliability. It is available in 7 sizes with 2 MT compressor and 1 LT compressor and is only 800 mm wide, which makes it ideal for installation in plant rooms with a restricted footprint.

Enex Tago Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration


  • From 10 to 40 kW in Medium Temperature

The Minibooster range TAGO Series is designed for small size commercial refrigeration systems in food retail, food storage, petrol station and other similar applications. It is available in single temperature (MT only) or dual temperature (MT and LT) configurations. It can be provided with a cladding for sound insulation and/or as protection against atmospheric agents for outdoor use.


Enex – Tago Product Brochure


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