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Elba is our signature range of transcritical CO2 refrigeration units, a synthesis of innovation, flexibility, and energy saving. Elba is designed for both commercial applications (refrigeration of display cabinets and cold rooms in hypermarkets) and industrial applications (industrial refrigeration systems for distribution and logistics centers; refrigeration units for belt freezers in the food industry; transformation production processes).

Enex  Elba commercial CO₂ refrigeration units are specifically designed and produced for large commercial refrigeration systems, above all for hypermarkets. Enex provides various unit options and the possibility to customize them, in order to adapt the plants to the specific characteristics of the place of installation.


  • From 100 to 800 kW in Medium Temperature
  • From 35 to 500 kW in Low Temperature


  • High efficiency: optimal realization of the booster cycle with intercooler and regenerative heat exchanger;
  • Solid and compact design;
  • Stainless steel pipes;
  • Low noisiness;
  • Automatic backup of the critical components;
  • Easily accessible components;
  • Plug and play unit;
  • Standard supply with 45 bar design pressure LP/ HP side -120 bar on the HP side;
  • Large volume liquid receiver;
  • Complete canalization of the safety valves drains;
  • CE / PED certification Cat. IV.

Enex provides numerous customization possibilities. The available options are: 

  • For medium temperature only;
  • Booster version with medium and low temperatures, with auxiliary compressors for the recompression of the flash vapor;
  • Medium and low-temperature versions (MT, BT) with winter heat recovery and summer cooling, expansion energy recovery, and overfeeding of the evaporators.

Elba commercial CO₂ refrigeration, using only COcan be used without any legislative limitation and without the disadvantages associated with the use of synthetic refrigerants.

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