PX G1300™

The PX G1300 pressure exchanger can increase energy efficiency, high-temperature rack stability, and cooling capacity for CO2 refrigeration systems.
Delivering compression and expansion within a single device, the PX G1300 improves efficiency as temperatures rise to offer a game-changing, simple solution for optimizing CO2 system performance.

Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 recovers and recycles CO2 system pressure energy to drive both compression and expansion. It works by expanding the refrigerant, like a valve, but recovers expansion energy and provides compression.

PX G1300 Benefits 
  • Support HFC phase-down goals by offering a cost-effective path to CO2 refrigeration
  • Lift COP in subcritical and transcritical modes with maximum efficiency in hot temperatures
  • Enhance reliability with increased high-temperature rack stability and cooling capacity
  • Reduce risk of high-pressure discharge failure
  • Reduce or eliminate water usage
  • Engineered with highly reliable alumina ceramic


Ambient Temperature

50 – 110°F (10 – 43°C)

System Size

40 KW and higher

Rated Pressure

2,030 PSI (140 bar)


42” (H) X 22” (W) X 12” (L) (106cm X 56cm X 30cm)


278 lbs (126 kg)

Connection Size

1” NPT (2.5cm NPT)

Pressure Exchanger Internal Material


Outer Housing Material

Alloy Steel


Energy Recovery



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