R290 Condensing Unit

The Embraco R290 condensing unit is a range of unhoused models for the European market, especially suitable for food service applications, such as under-counters, blast chillers, frozen islands and reach-ins.
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The Embraco R290 condensing unit portfolio helps OEMs and end users to be compliant with the 150GWP limit, defined by the European Commission’s F-Gas regulation, since January 1st, 2022, in refrigerators and freezers used for storage, display or distribution of products in retail and food service. The range is equipped with a set of Embraco compressors that use R290 (propane), which is a natural refrigerant with a GWP of less than 1 (according to new studies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released in August 2021). The condensing unit range is also equipped with an electronic fan (ECM technology), increasing energy efficiency.

Available with different equipment levels and configurations, the Embraco R290 condensing unit range is as compact as the HFC one, with heights going from 254 mm to 322.5 mm. The models available deliver equivalent displacement options that go from 4.5 cc to 38 cc, for MBP (medium back pressure) applications, and from 5.5 cc to 33.4 cc, for LBP (low back pressure). The cooling capacity goes from 0.4 to 3.1 kW on MBP (RGT20 at -10°C) and from 0.18 to 1.1 kW on LBP (RGT20 at -35°C). The new portfolio can achieve an energy efficiency increase of between 7% to 9% (compared to the HFC range), with more cooling capacity and lower noise levels.

Their efficiency levels will help commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers to be also compliant with other European regulations: the Ecodesign and the European Commission Energy Labels, which define categories of energy consumption for professional refrigeration equipment since 2016 and for food retail refrigeration equipment since March 2021.



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