COM – Oil Regulator 24V and 230V

Deka Controls COM Oil Regulator 24V and 230V models, built to handle working pressures of 60 and 130 bar. With electronic oil level control, alarm function, and compressor switch-off.

Deka Controls COM Oil Regulator 24V and 230V – Models for 60 and 130 bar working pressure

COM Compressor Oil Management:

The electronic oil level regulation system with alarm function and compressor shut-down. Flexible with a 24 VAC and a 230 VAC Version.

Product highlights:

  • Software feature “Power on Logic” with suppressed time delays for Injection and Alarm during first installation
  • Sophisticated operating principle, stand-alone controller for Oil supply with oil level sensor and solenoid valve
  • Optimized energy consumption by special Design of Solenoid Valve and Coil
  • High-precision Sensor technology allows a very precise level of detection
  • No incorrect measurements by foaming and dirty Oil or incidence of light
  • T-Version for 100% humidity (CO2 applications)
  • Standard Version compatible with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants (R290, R1270)

Deka Controls COM Oil Regulator 24V and 230V – Product Data Sheet


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