Copeland Stream Transcritical Compressor

The Emerson Copeland Stream series of 4 cylinder CO2 compressors is the ideal solution for R744 booster systems. It is characterized by a design pressure of 135 bar. Refrigerant flow and heat transfer have been optimized for best performance. All compressors are equipped with Copeland™ compressor electronics and offer the possibility to diagnose system-related problems faster or even before they occur.
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The Emerson Copeland Stream Semi-Hermetic transcritical CO2 compressor:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Integrated low pressure relief valve
  • Discharge temperature protection
  • Service valve 360° rotation for ease of piping design
  • 2 sight glasses for mounting of oil management control and visual inspection
  • One oil port for oil equalization in parallel system
  • Oil splasher system ensuring lubrication at constant and variable speed

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