Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Unit

The Copeland scroll CO2 refrigeration unit feature a modular design for indoor and outdoor applications, designed to address all space, sound and installation constraints. The range features quiet CO2 scroll compressors, compartment insulation, EC fans and night mode control. They operate with the natural refrigerant CO2 which has a very low global warming potential (GWP) of only 1.
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The new Copeland scroll refrigeration unit from Emerson combine an innovative CO2 scroll technology with a smart control concept revolutionizing the world of commercial refrigeration. The technology not only relies on CO2 as a natural refrigerant, but combines reduced system complexity with high flexibility, low total cost of ownership, and high efficiency in all climates. Its physical footprint and noise emissions are low, making it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized supermarkets, discounters, and convenience stores.

In the center of the new Copeland scroll refrigeration unit stands an entirely new type of transcritical CO2 compressor equipped with innovative dynamic vapor injection (DVI) technology. DVI allows for flash gas to be directly injected into the compressor resulting in efficient and smooth operation, independent from outside temperatures. This avoids shutdown during summertime. A smart control concept manages all system components enabling efficient and reliable operation while constantly keeping a high level of food quality. The application of tandem compressors and active oil management further supports long-term reliability and food preservation.

Features of the Copeland Scroll Refrigeration Unit 

  • Future-proof Ecodesign compliant solution with natural GWP 1 refrigerant, not impacted by F-Gas legislation
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low sound level
  • Energy saving and space saving design suitable for all climates
  • Continuous operations even in the hottest weather conditions
  • Meet the quality requirements of the food industry
  • Proven oil management system
  • Remote monitoring and communication capability

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