K65 Fittings

K65 brazed fittings, developed in conjunction with Wieland, enable the simple, safe and economical installation of high-pressure refrigeration applications up to 1885 PSI.  The range is particularly suited for use with CO2 (R-744) in trans-critical applications as the K65 alloy provides a mechanical strength high enough to withstand the pressure ratings required.

Conex Bänninger – K65 Brazed Fittings

K5001 – Street Elbow 90°

K5002 – Elbow 90° C

K5040 – Street Elbow 45°

K5041 – Elbow 45°

K5130 – Tee Equal

K5130RB – Tee Reduced Branch

K5130REB – Tee Reduced End and Branch

K5240 – Reducing Coupler

K5243 – Fitting Reducer

K5243M – Fitting Reducer to Metric (Female Inch x Male Metric)

K5270 – Coupler

K5301 – End Cap


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Conex Bänninger

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