Solenoid Valves

The Solenoid Valve 14-E for CO2 transcritical systems can be installed in the oil line, flash gas by-pass, hot gas by-pass and liquid injection line, with a maximum working pressure up to 140 bar, temperature up to 130°C. It guarantees best operating flexibility for high pressure installations.

Typical applications of the solenoid valves 14-E from Castel is:

  • Oil line – it guarantees the return of the oil to the reservoir and keeps high the pressure inside it.
  • Flash gas – The Solenoid Valve 14-E can also be applied as flash tank pressure regulating valves (flash gas bypass). The purpose of the flash gas valve is to maintain the MT receiver pressure during the system operation.
  • Hot gas by-pass – like a capacity control, it adjusts the flow of hot gas according to change of suction pressure. The by-pass Solenoid Valve 14-E is used to prevent the suction pressure from going below the minimum value recommended by the compressor manufacturer and/or like an unloaded start device to limit the inrush current at the start up.
  • Liquid injection – to decrease the temperature of fluid. It is well known that an excessively high discharge temperature has harmful consequences on the compressor efficiency and reliability. In order to limit temperatures within values which are not dangerous for compressor HT, the solenoid valve 14-E injects saturated refrigerant into the suction line ahead of the compressor in direct response to the temperature of the discharge line.

Castel Solenoid Valves System Specifications: 

Series 14_7E with K65 connections ¼”, 3/8” and ½”

Series 14_8E with stainless steel connections 6, 10 and 12mm

MWP (maximum working pressure): 130 bar for K65 connections, 140 bar for stainless steel connections

TS min / TS Max: -40°C / 130°C


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