Safety Valves

Safety valves series 3061E are specifically designed to be suitable for CO2 transcritical and subcritical systems with maximum working pressure up to 165 bar.

The compact dimensions and use of high-performance materials places the 3061E valve from Castel as a reliable safety device suitable for installation in all refrigeration systems, especially in CO2 transcritical applications.

Transcritical applications not only feature extremely high working pressures, up to 150bar; they also show very high temperatures at the compressor discharge line. This brand new safety valve perfectly complies with these extreme conditions, since it can reach set pressures up to 150 bar and 150°C working temperatures!

The set pressure range (from 60 to 150 bar) guarantees operating flexibility ranging from installations on the low pressure section (60bar) such as the evaporator; intermediate pressure section (80-90 bar) when installed on liquid receivers and finally on the high pressure section protecting the oil separator, the gas cooler and the heat recovery unit (120-140 bar).

Castel Safety Valves type 3061E guarantee repeatable performance. This means that, after the valves have operated, open/close, the initial setting conditions are maintained.


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Technical brochure

Technical brochure

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