Ball Valve 6570N Series

The Ball Valve 6570N Series from Castel is designed for the use with R290, R600 and R600a. The ball valve has a perfect hermetic seal and can be installed anywhere in a refrigeration system in compliance with its limits and capacities.

Basic specifications for the Castel ball valve 6570N series

  • Ball Valve for refrigerants R290, R600 and R600a
  • Electric welding of body and seal gasket
  • Made of the following materials:
    • Hot forged brass EN 12420 – CW 617N for the body, protective cap of the spindle and the ball (the ball is chromium plated)
    • Copper pipe EN 12735-1 – Cu – DHP for solder connections
    • Steel with proper surface protection for the spindle
    • Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) for outlet steal gaskets
    • P.T.F.E. for the ball seat gaskets
  • Full port without charge access
  • Soldered copper pipe

Castel ball valve Advantages

  • Copper pipe can be soldered inside the connections
  • Specific design of the Ball Valve 6570N series by Castel:
    • Ensures internal pressure equilibrium when tap is closed
    • Allows two-directional flow of the refrigerant
    • Prevents any risk of explosion or ejection in the spindle
  • Can be fitted anywhere in the refrigeration system in compliance with its limits and capacities


Refrigeration systems with hydrocarbons R290, R600 and R600a

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