HeatCO2OL Industrial

HeatCO2OL™ Industrial solution is the natural solution for high-temperature heat pumps and industrial chillers with low environmental impact. CO2 heat pump with integrated Carrier ejector technology for high temperature heating applications and low environmental impact. The new CO2 industrial heat pump range offers a natural solution for a wide range of applications that is compact, modular, safe and easy to install and service.
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Key Features

  • Uses CO2 natural refrigerant
  • Not impacted by the EU F-Gas Regulation
  • Up to 90°C hot water production
  • Compatible with low water inlet temperature and high temperature lift
  • Heat source from 20°C to -40°C
  • Simultaneously 3 different temperature levels on the heating side and one level on the cooling side
  • Semi-hermetic compressors, Inverter driven compressor N°1 (optional for N°2)
  • Multiple compressors/ heat exchanger configurations and options  to suit your needs at best
  • Integrated PLC , large touch screen HMI, Connectable for remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and BMS
  • Optimized footprint
  • Numerous options available
    • Sound proofing
    • Energy measurement
    • Smart control for several units in parallel
    • And many others

NB of compressors

  • 3-8 (MT)


  • Size S : W 1000 x L 5000 / 5900 x H 2200 mm
  • Size M : W 1200 x L 7500 x H 2200 mm
  • Size L : W 2100 x L 6500/7400/8400/9300 x H 2200 mm

Heating capacity

  • 400 to 2200 kW

Cooling capacity

  • Up to 1500 kW (MT)



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Carrier Commercial Refrigeration



Carrier HeatCO2OL brochure – English
Carrier HeatCO2OL IL Leaflet – English
Carrier HeatCO2OL IM Leaflet – English
Carrier HeatCO2OL IS Leaflet – English

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