CO2OLtec Efficiency Booster Skid

CO2OLtec Efficiency Booster Skid is an add-on module to boost energy efficiency and reduce electrical consumption by up to 10% of CO2 traditional booster systems.
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  • From 1 to 3 years pay back time
  • Increased cooling capacity 5 to 15%
  • Very compact footprint​

Key Features

  • Suction accumulator to prevent liquid from going to compressors ​
  • Liquid ejector to return liquid to main receiver for MT modules
  • Liquid / gas heat exchanger for LT modules Liquid levels for control and safety ​
  • Oil return line Suction line bypass for easier service ​
  • Bypass for easy maintenance and start up​
  • Dual safety valves 60 bar for MT and 30 bar for LT ready for connection ​
  • Compatible for Danfoss & Eckelmann ​


  • Danfoss or Eckelmann adaptation kit for existing racks​
  • 2/5 or 10m cable length to suit all machine room configurations
  • 52 or 45 bar (MT) / 25 bar (LT) safety valves to comply with existing rack pressures


  • MT: 50/80/100/170
  • LT: 8/36/99

Cooling Capacity Compatibility

  • MT: 20-540 kW
  • LT: 2-200 kW





Carrier Commercial Refrigeration



Carrier CO2OLtec EB brochure – DE
Carrier CO2OLtec EB brochure – EN
Carrier CO2OLtec EB brochure – FR

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