Suction filter FACY-P8 (80 bar)

• Permanent refrigerant filtering, compressor and regulation element protection in refrigerating and air conditioning installations. • Recommended use after implementation, during circuit decontamination and refrigerant regeneration operations, and after the burn-out of a compressor.

Carly Suction filter FACY-P8 have:

  • Maximal working pressure: 80 bar.
  • Permanent treatment until saturation and regular refrigerant distribution, through a stainless steel filter.
  • Very economical cleaning process without loss of time, because the installation is still running during the operation.
  • Refrigerant’s savings because using those cleaning filters allows the re-use of the refrigerant after its cleaning up.
  • The copper-plated steel connections facilitate the brazing and allow using filler metals with a low silver percentage.
  • Filtration rate : 100 microns
  • Peel strength Delta P 10 bar

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operating pressure

80 bar

operating temperature

-40°C to 80°C


Carbon steel





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