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Oil separator TURBOIL-R-P14 (140 bar)

Specifically developed taking into account the results of many years of research, they are intended for subcritical and transcritical CO2 (R744) applications up to pressures of 140 bar, and ensure:
  • Separation and recovery of the oil carried by the refrigerant in vapour phase at compressor outlet of refrigerating and air conditioning installations
  • The TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separators limit the amount of oil within the circuit, thus allowing increasing the performances of the heat exchangers and prevent abnormal wear, even the breakage of compressors by lack of oil.
  • A high pressure regulated oil return to the compressor crankcases and participate by their position on the circuit, in the reduction of the vibrations generated by the compressors and sound level of the discharge gas.
  • The choice of the oil separators receivers TURBOIL-R-P14 can avoid the assembly of a separate oil receiver.

Carly oil separator TURBOIL-R-P14

  • Maximum working pressure: up to 140 bar at 160°C
  • The reliability and efficiency of TURBOIL-R-P14 oil separators are obtained thanks to a patented CARLY process, simultaneously combining 2 separation chambers, namely:
  1. a) a static separation chamber, using several oil separation techniques:
  • Efficiency up to 99.5%, regardless of operating regime
  • centrifugation by helical motion generated by one or several spirals
  • Efficiency up to 99.5%, regardless of operating regime
  • coalescence thanks to the needled material of these spirals
  • sudden modification of speed by increase of the flow area located at the separator’s inlet
  • sudden change of direction: inlet of the mixture by the top, outlet of the refrigerant from the higher lateral part and outlet of the oil from the lower part
  1. b) a dynamic coalescence separation chamber, which adapts to the operating regime
  • Efficiency up to 99.5%, regardless of operating regime
  • No maintenance required
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting possible, depending on the models
  • Integrated oil receiver
  • Presence of a permanent magnet ensuring the “trapping’’ of all steel particles.
  • For models equipped with sight glass, it is possible to replace the glass with an adapter allowing the installation of a level detector.

Carly TURBOIL-R-P14 Product Brochure


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operating pressure

140 bar

operating temperature

-40°C to 160°C


Carbon Steel






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