Filter shell driers (to 140 bar)

  • BCY-P14
  • Refrigerant filtering and drying for refrigerating and air conditioning installation liquid lines, running in high working pressures with CO2 in subcritical/trancritical compression systems.
  • Replaceable core filter drier shells allow the replacement of the filter drier’s active parts only. (CCY 48 HP, PLATINIUM 48)

Carly Filter shell driers (to 140 bar)

  • Maximum working pressure: up to 140 bar for the BCY-P14 of 1 and 2 cores, with CO2 in transcritical compression systems.
  • Individual core holders treated against corrosion by zinc coating, with a reduced course for easy core replacement; therefore, replacement time is extremely reduced, limiting the time the drying cores and the inner part of the circuit are exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Hermetically sealed external body made of steel to which an impregnation varnish and paint are applied to ensure a high resistance to corrosion; this varnish ensures the internal anti-corrosion protection of the shell when it is opened for the initial set-up or during the replacement of the drying cores.
  • Core holder design ensures automatic and immediate centering in the filter drier shells.
  • No flow area restriction outside the filter drier shells thanks to an appropriate filtering system.

Carly Filter shell driers BCY-P14/ PS 140 bar (2030 psig) Brochure




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operating pressure

64/140 bar

operating temperature

-40°C to 100°C


Carbon Steel


PED 2014/68/EU





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