Filter Driers (64 to 140bar)

High pressure filter driers DCY-P6, DCY-P8, DCY-P14 with a maximum working pressure of 64 bar/928 psig, 80 bar/1160 psig, 140 bar/2030 psig Filtering and drying of refrigerants for liquid lines of refrigerating and air conditioning installations, running with high working pressures.

Carly high pressure filter driers DCY-P6, DCY-P8 , DCY-P14

  • Maximal working pressure: 64 bar/928 psig , 80 bar/1160 psig , 140 bar/2030 psig
  • Great drying capacity at all temperatures. The volume of free-grains drying agents used in a CARLY filter drier is greater than that present in an equivalent model with a solid core.
  • Initial drying capacity guaranteed by a 200°C oven drying and airtight sealing.
  • A dispenser located at the inlet ensures optimal distribution and permanent treatment of the whole refrigerant, inside the filter drier.
  • Installation possible in all positions.

Carly high pressure filter driers DCY-P6 / 64 bar (928 psig) and DCY-P14 / 140 bar (2030 psig) Brochure


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operating pressure

64/80/140 bar

operating temperature

-40°C to 100°C


Carbon steel





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