Customized products

Need something special out of standards?

We will do it for you. It could be a high pressure suction accumulator, liquid receiver, or flash tank with a working pressure up to 140 bar.

Customized products from Carly:

P6/P9/P14 suction accumulators, P6/P9/P14 liquid receivers and P6/P9/P14 Flash tanks with Working Pressure = 64/90/140 bar

With our experience and our high-performance structure, we are able to design and manufacture products specific to your applications in any quantities.

Suction accumulators, liquid receivers and flash tanks with maximum working pressure from 64 bar to 140 bars are some of our accomplishments.

Whatever your constraints are, your request will be handled with the highest attention.


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operating pressure

64 bar,90 bar, 140 bar

operating temperature

-40°C to 100°C


Carbon steel





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