Trillium Adiabatic Condenser

TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Products combine the best of evaporative and dry cooling to optimize energy and water savings. Users can reduce peak energy use by 44% vs. traditional air-cooled products and reduce water use by 90% vs. traditional evaporative products. For all of your refrigeration application needs CO2, ammonia, and fluid cooler models are available.
  • Up to 376 tons
  • Adiabatic // EC Fans // EcoFlex Controls
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Trillium Adiabatic Condenser – Lowest System Energy

  •  Achieve lowest condensing temperatures and compressor energy savings year-round with BAC’s highest-efficiency and fully wetted pre-cooler pads and daily self-clean protocols
  •   All models reduce system refrigerant charge vs. traditional air-cooled equipment but to further reduce charge, a TrilliumSeries™ Fluid Cooler can be combined with a fluid loop to reject heat
  •   Optimize unit and compressor energy with built-in capabilities for head-pressure and TD control, via remote fan control or self-contained operation with the plug-and-play Ecoflex Controls
  •   Different modes available to achieve peak performance during the day and conserve energy and limit sound at night
  •   Potential for substantial state and local energy rebates

Lowest Water Usage

  •   Save up to 90% of water and reduce charge when compared to traditional evaporative products
  •   Maintain water quality with premium materials of construction including corrosion-resistant coated fins as standard, thermosetting hybrid polymer structure and stainless-steel welded parts
  •   Manage water consumption and seasonal performance with plug-and-play EcoFlex Controls
  •   Uses water on only the hottest days with a high switchpoint

Highest Reliability

  •   Over ten years of proven performance with thousands of installations worldwide
  •   Know food will stay cold as if there is a loss of signal or component failure, fans default to full speed
  •   Emergency backup water supply connection with the optional patented auto-discrete makeup
  •   Highest reliability with premium materials of construction including epoxy coated fins as standard, steel structure coated with BAC’s thermosetting hybrid polymer and stainless-steel welded parts

Easiest Maintenance

  •   Maintenance and inspections can be performed quickly and easily with no need for ladders, platforms, or tools with easy access to all components
  •   Prevent scaling and maintain water quality with daily self-clean protocols
  •   To further prevent clogging and maintain performance, fans run in reverse once daily
  •   Easy-to-remove pads are UV and algae resistant with a no-struggle frame that enable easy removal for coil inspections

Air- or water-cooled



Varies by model


Varies by model

Fan quantity & type

Varies by model

Motor (HP)

Varies by model

Type of heat exchanger

Tube/fin, Microchannel

Noise level

Varies by model

Type of refrigerant





Ammonia, CO2



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