TwinEco Compressor Units

The ammonia compressor units from TwinEco by ABC Food Machinery come as a piston and screw compressors and allow you to use condensation heat.

The ammonia compressor units from TwinEco by ABC Food Machinery come as a piston and screw compressors. They use ammonia (R717) or an ammonia mixture (R723). The units can be designed into interior and exterior and they are able to use the condensation heat.

TwinEco Compressor Units equipment is an environmentally friendly and an economical solution. ABC Food Machinery promises unique designs and cost-effective operations. The company aims to reduce the charge as much as possible. Still, the units have a high cooling ability.

The operating costs of the units are low, while covering all of the power requirements. The units can be operated remotely and have a simple power control. The Compressor Units are also designed to be compact and easily installed.



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