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North America HQ
3446 Spectrum Ave.
Kelowna, BC, V1V 2Z6, Canada

Phone: 1-844-248-2326


Vitalis is a vertically integrated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of CO2-based technologies, including R744 heating and cooling solutions.

With customers on five continents and in-country support centers spread across the globe, Vitalis is proud to support global decarbonization efforts through the deployment of reliable clean technology.

The company’s mastery of application engineering serves as a foundation for its ability to develop innovative systems that take advantage of carbon dioxide’s unique properties. That proficiency is validated in closed-loop Vitalis systems that:

  1. Utilize CO2 as a natural refrigerant
  2. Employ CO2 as a heat transfer fluid (HTF)
  3. Use CO2 for the extraction of natural ingredients from biomass
  4. Recover and recycle CO2 for repeated use

A clean world is possible, and business will help take us there. Vitalis is committing its proven expertise in CO2 handling to the cause of collective resilience and thriving. The company’s technologies help sustain the lives of organizations and communities in support of a decarbonized and detoxified future for all.


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