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About TEKLAB s.r.l.

TEKLAB is a dynamic company with more than 25 years of experience in electronics development offering a wide range of Infra-Red liquid level switches to meet the growing market demand. From many years, TEKLAB has exported Italian made products to different customers in many countries all over the world with tens of thousands sensors installed in the field.

All TEKLAB Liquid Level Sensors are low cost, high technology products and have undergone stringent quality control tests. These electro-optic liquid level sensors are designed to match the specific needs of demanding customers in every field.

TEKLAB Liquid Level Sensors have the advantages of small size, reliability, no moving parts, long life, efficacy and economy. Being solid state switching they are rugged and highly dependable over the entire life of the sensor, having no moving parts.

TEKLAB offers a wide range of products which can be used in high pressure and extreme temperature cooling systems using R744 as refrigerant. All sensors used with R744 can resist pressure up to 150 bar and temperature up to 125°C.

The well consolidated process in using steel and fiber glass technology, ensures that there is no leakage and a good chemical compatibility with CO2 and any oil used.


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By ensuring all liquid is evaporated, the Teklab Evaporator Management unit reduces the super-heating and makes it possible to work with higher evaporating pressures.
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