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About SANHA®

SANHA® is a leading European manufacturer specializing in piping systems for both domestic and industrial applications. In the realm of air conditioning and refrigeration technology, where environmentally friendly solutions are crucial, we recognize the importance of efficiency and safety. For instance, the use of CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant has gained prominence due to its ecological benefits. However, this choice leads to higher operating pressures, potentially reaching up to 130 bar. Fortunately, our SANHA® RefHP® fittings are exceptionally well-suited for such demanding conditions. Recently, the manufacturer had introduced press fittings for VRV/VRF systems, heat pumps and other applications (up to 48 bar), which come with a range of industry-first safety features such as two sealing rings on both sides. Furthermore, classic solder fittings as well as NiroTherm® press fittings are available for media such as glycole.


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