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Registered Office:
Via Chiavornicco 76
33084 Cordenons (Pordenone)

Operational Headquarter:
Via Segaluzza 11/A
33170 Pordenone (PN)

Phone: Tel. +39 0434 542266

About Refrigera


What will the valves of the future be like? This is the everyday theme in Refrigera Industriale. The answer to this question is what always guides the use of our tangible and intangible resources. We design and produce in Italy suitable valves for refrigerating equipment, always complying with the restrictive latest environmental regulations, and able to meet the technical and energy-efficiency requirements of our customers. Those customers from around the world turn to Refrigera, looking not only for a product, but also for a technical solution. For this purpose Refrigera designs, manufactures and markets a full range of valves for industrial and commercial refrigeration, custom designed for the specific needs of each client, suitable for any type of system, working with the most common refrigerants with low environmental impact.

Refrigera owns a consolidated know-how in the design of copper components suitable for the most widely air conditioning systems. Our catalog shows a full range of branches, manifolds and components, specially tailored for VRF systems and for every HVACR industry piping system. For the entire product range Refrigera can provide customized insulations, made of material Class 1-fire resistant certified.

The research and development office can count on valuable people, whose expertise enable Refrigera to gain every year new customers and new markets. They decided to produce only in Italy, to control every stage of the production processes and to continuously improve performance and reliability of products. Every product comes with ambition to do something of value for the customer.

Refrigera’s products have gained the most coveted certifications in Europe and North America and are individually subjected to very strict functional tests. The raw materials used in the production are purchased from selected internationally accredited suppliers.

Environmental protection is one of our value, present in all our targets. Refrigera company operates in full compliance with environmental regulations and with the utmost attention to energy efficiency of industrial processes. Products are designed to last and to offer high performance in the most environmentally friendly refrigerants systems. Refrigera is integrated with the territory and pursue environmental and social objectives, alongside the economic and financial ones. Every day they help to create a prosperous, clean and safe future.


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