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About Refra

Launched in 1994, Refra is a well-known manufacturer of refrigeration equipment in Europe today. Distinguished by a highly complex and unique offering of refrigeration products, the company can design and manufacture non-standard products, fully customised and completed according to customer requirements.

During the company’s 20 years of operation, the Refra brand has established itself as one of the leaders in the European refrigeration market and has implemented many successful and complex projects. With long-term experience, the company’s employees can offer impeccable dedication to customers, the most efficient solutions and the highest quality equipment. Refra has projects throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Green Technologies

With the improvement of technical processes and growing awareness of environmental issues, Refra, like any other progressive business, strives to contribute to the reduction of pollution in the world. As a result, more and more attention is being placed on natural refrigerants.

Refra believes that ecological solutions are the future of production; therefore, it is very important to lay the right foundation for a better tomorrow. Refra uses only certified parts and ensure safety when producing products. Refra also ensures the energy efficiency of equipment sold in Europe.

Recently Refra has observed a strong increase in CO2 and hydrocarbon product demand, and strives for a future where the majority of the company’s production will be for natural refrigerant technologies.

REFRA has successfully completed the 2024 ATMOsphere Label process and has been approved as a best-in-class natural refrigerant equipment manufacturer.


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