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24040 Bonate Sotto (BG)
Via Vittorio Veneto, 65 – Italy

About Record Spa

Record was founded in 1946 in Bonate Sotto, Italy, as a manufacturer of air valves for tires. The company philosophy has always been to produce and assemble all the key components internally, to be able to have the whole process under control and assure no leakage in the final product. Record’s in-house technology starts from the manufacturing of metal parts up to their automated assembling and testing.

The know-how matured in the tire application was easily transferred to many different applications where preventing leakage of air or gases is crucial, among these the products for refrigeration systems are the ones which, in the past decade, experienced the most evolution.

The introduction of new gases and natural refrigerants, in fact, has presented different challenges compared to air and other traditional fluids in terms of temperatures and pressures. Thanks to internal production and the constant communication with customers Record has been able to move quickly and design and develop new products that can respond to the new demands from the market.

In 2006 Record patented its first valve core for a thermo hydraulic systems, particularly using CO2 gas in high pressures, and in 2014 it filed and deposited patents for valve cores to be used in R290 and R744 systems for residential and industrial markets. These products are the first ones launched on the market designed specifically for usage with natural refrigerants, and their market share has been in constant growth in the past decade.


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