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Avraham Boma Shavit 1
Rishon Lezion, C-203

Phone: Tel. +972 52 212 2202

About Nik Systems Ltd.

Nik Systems ltd. is a leading dealer and installer of industrial air cooling systems, trucks & bus air conditioning systems, clean rooms, generators and compressed air systems for the top industries in Israel. With the operating & execution model as a guide, the company develops a deep understanding of its customers’ needs, and along with its partners worldwide, delivers industry-leading products and services.

Nik Systems ltd. was established by Mr. Nikolay Vodolzov Eng. (20 years of experience) driving the electric systems development & implementation services and pioneering CO2 systems in Isreal. Today the company has expanded its portfolio as well as opened two branches in Jerusalem and Nes Ziona.

Nik Systems has installed CO2 systems for five end users, including Israeli meat producer Mania Group, fast-food chain KFC Israel, and, most recently, financial services company Isracard.


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