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About NDL Industries

NDL Industries started in 1987 as a mechanical engineering firm, consulting the refrigeration industry globally. Then in 1998, NDL’s engineers recognized a need for a more complete ACR copper fitting. NDL’s focus began to shift from consulting to production, with the result being an elite ACR fitting like no other in the industry. The company continued to expand its product selection, currently offering refrigeration ball valves, filter driers, gas flex connectors, CO2 ball valves/fittings, and more. Building off the success gained from its HVAC-R products, NDL created a plumbing line to include PAC fittings which are ASME approved. NDL’s plumbing selection includes copper press fittings, plumbing (WOG) valves, PEX, PPSU PEX, PVC, water hose connectors, and more. Now NDL manufactures HVAC, Refrigeration, and Plumbing products across 23 categories that outperform industry standards.

NDL is the manufacturer of the first CRN-approved* ball valve for transcritical CO2, which can hold five times its maximum working pressure, netting a tremendous safety margin for any ball valve used in CO2 systems. Along with CO2 valves, NDL offers CO2 copper fittings (C19400 high-pressure) that are specifically designed for use in CO2 refrigeration systems. Also, NDL offers CO2 copper tees specifically designed for easy installation of service valves. Whether it’s valves or fittings, NDL is here to fit your CO2 needs.

NDL Industries Locations

• NDL Industries Headquarters: 266 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5, Canada

• NDL Industries U.S. Distribution Center: 8921 Airways Blvd Suite 150, Southaven, MS 38671

• NDL Industries EU Distribution Center: 17 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3HA, United Kingdom


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