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About Kysor Warren Epta US

Kysor Warren Epta US is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and systems. We partner with our customers to bring complete refrigeration solutions to large format stores, supermarkets, warehouse clubs, c-stores, and other retailers.

As part of the Epta Group, we have expanded our resources, capabilities, and product offerings. Kysor Warren Epta US will continue to grow and innovate in 2024 and beyond, as it has done for the last 142 years and counting.

Kysor Warren has provided complete supermarket solutions for our customers for over 135 years. As demands shift, we partner with customers to deliver tailored solutions that meet their refrigeration needs. By working together, we deliver quality and sustainable products that help customers achieve their goals. We are fully committed to offering exceptional customer service, along with our highly diverse and customizable product portfolio.

With more than 135 years of experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, Kysor Warren manufactures many of the high-quality refrigerated display cases & refrigeration systems you see in supermarkets today. Leveraging our unmatched expertise in commercial refrigeration, we promise to be highly customer, quality and sustainability-centric in our solutions & interactions.


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