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About HB Products A/S

HB Products is a well-established company with a strong global position with its distributors, selling HB products in more than 60 countries, across all continents.

HB Products specialises in the development and production of sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as for heat-pump systems. HB is a customer-oriented company, with a qualified technical advantage, and a large product range of more than 7000 product numbers. For more than 20 years, HB Products has been dedicated to supply optimal solutions for energy efficient evaporator control, level control and oil management, earning the company a reputation of being at the forefront of new and innovative technologies.

Apart from the company’s expertise within oil and refrigerant control, HB Products has great know-how in the design and optimisation of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. This knowledge enables the company to research, develop and produce products of high quality and safety according to industrial manufacturing conditions, as well as using local components and in-house production, creating flexibility, to always make the process from order to delivery quick and efficient.

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