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Via Massimo D’Antona, 5
37045 S. Pietro di Legnago
Verona, Italy

Phone: +39 0442 629006
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About Frigomec

Frigomec S.pA. is a leading manufacturer of key components for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The company has over 50 years of experience and knowledge of the latest European directives regarding new refrigerant gases and fast-evolving safety regulations.

Aware of the challenges faced by its customers who need to keep up with new rules and regulations, Frigomec plays an active role in the official Working Groups in order to help define the directives and acquire the necessary know-how well in advance.

To keep pace with a fast-growing market demand for sustainable solutions involving CO2, the company has invested significant resources over the last decade in a specialist brand known as Klimal. With a specially dedicated R&D department focusing on the design and development of products for R744 requirements, Klimal has the expertise and capacity to supply tailored solutions built and tested at the new 6,000 sqm manufacturing facility.

Alongside pressure vessels with volumes up to 4000 litres and operating pressures up to 200 bar, the full product selection includes:

  • Liquid receivers (with various models of heat exchangers too, inside)
  • Collectors
  • Oil separators, oil reservoirs, oil filters
  • Housings for filter driers
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Coaxial heat exchangers
  • Shell and coil heat exchangers

A skilled team of engineers are available to follow and support with projects carried out in co-design. With Frigomec, you are in safe hands.


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