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Phone: +45 7220 2514
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About Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is one of the world’s largest private institutes supplying technological services. DTI services include research on energy and climate issues as well as testing and consultancy services on heat pump and refrigeration technologies and the use of natural refrigerants. The centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology has special expertise in R744, R718, and R717 projects.

Many DTI activities revolve around the use of natural refrigerants, including CO2, (R744) and the laboratory facilities comprise an XXL climate chamber with a transcritical booster CO2 plant which enables testing of almost all kinds of systems and components for refrigeration and heat pump systems, such as heat exchangers (e.g. plate heat exchangers, shell-and-tube or finned tube heat exchangers), evaporators, gascoolers and oil separators as well as control systems. The transcritical CO2 plant has a cooling capacity of 150 kW and a frost capacity of 20 kW.

Other facilities enable accredited testing of all types of commercial refrigerated display and storage cabinets, and the testing facilities are equipped to test remote CO2 cabinets with an evaporation temperature down to -35°C. Find more information about DTI laboratory facilities on Refrigeration and Heat Pump Laboratory

DTI activities also include conferences and training courses providing the latest know-how on current topics, e.g. the training course: Refrigeration Plants with CO2 – theory and hands-on. For more information and registration:

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