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About Castel

Castel is active in the refrigeration & air conditioning fields in more than 90 countries. Castel’s commitment to the environment takes it to offer innovative HC products that satisfy its customers while respecting the environment.

Castel presents its new 3-Way Motorized Ball Valve and 3-Way Hand Valves series 66 for subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems, with a maximum operating pressure of 80 to 140bar. Connections are made of AISI 304 steel, of 22mm to 42.2mm, permitting butt welding. The brass body of the valve is appropriately scaled. Use of a brass cap permits access to, and protection of, the maneuvering rod and guarantees an excellent hermetic seal. Its overall dimensions remain compact.

Castel presents a preview of its new range Solenoid Valves for HC refrigerants, ATEX conformity for use in EX Zone 2. Nominal Capacity R290 from 3 kW to 200 kW. For the normally-closed solenoid valves manufactured in compliance with the ATEX Directive (valves with an “EX” suffix),


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