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About Arneg

Arneg is an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector.

Arneg was established half a century ago based on those solid principles and moral values typical of Veneto culture. It has grown progressively strongly believing in the effectiveness of production growth sensitive to important topics like safeguarding the environment, energy savings and respecting people.


Arneg’s goal is a high sustainability, entrepreneurial project that has grown over the years thanks to the evolution of intelligent technologies. It pursues its economic purpose interacting with the environment, society and its customers, who then benefit from its activities; continually improving quality of life is a fundamental part of this project.


The global dimension is the one that best describes the achievement by the Arneg Group in the international market. Its leadership position in the commercial refrigeration sector finds its origins in the exploitation of synergies created between the various Group companies and in a wealth of knowledge and ideas circulating in a continuous flow of information throughout the production and distribution network of each continent. This is a way of working that, starting from the head office and going through the foreign branches and the Italian companies belonging to the Group, has guaranteed to Arneg, in half a century, leading results in terms of product quality, innovation and environmental protection.

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