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ABC Food Machinery spol. s r.o.
Nerudova 51
821 04 Bratislava 2
Slovak Republic

Phone: +421 2 4363 6931

About ABC

ABC Food Machinery is Slovak company producing compressor units by the brand mark Twineco. The brand offers economical and climate friendly solutions for heat pumps, chillers-water coolers, condensing units and compressor units. All use ammonia (R717), or an ammonia mixture (R723) as refrigerant. You can find more information about TwinEco in the brochure.

The Slovak family company is also specialised in providing services for ammonia refrigeration. The firm works exclusively with ammonia and its mixtures. It offers long-term, flexible services. These include project delivery, assembly, warranty, post-warrant services and remote management of technology.

The company offers a wide variety of services:

  • Production of simple stable pressure vessels
  • Project and design documentation
  • Completion and supply of refrigeration equipment for R717 and R723
  • Completion and supply of HVAC equipment
  • Delivery of technological refrigeration units and parts to order
  • Professional inspections and tests of HVAC equipment
  • Reconstruction and complete overhaul of compressors and gas boilers
  • Training of professional staff
  • Delivery and installation of insulations
  • Service and repair services

The company has a proud history in working with ammonia. Thus, it can provide quality and professionally done work. ABC Food Machinery also offers personal visits. It can provide possible technical solutions for specified problems and assignments. The most frequently needed spare parts are on stock, and others can be delivered by ABC Food Machinery via the manufacturer.

Part of the services provided are reconstruction from technical installations. For that, ABC Food Machinery inspects the current installation to provide the most realistic and cost-effective solutions. It also provides professional training and retraining. The service personnel of the company is trained to do professional and emergency repairs of the equipment as well as regular inspections of the refrigeration equipment.


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