Opening ceremony of Fenagy's new HQ and heat pump production facility in Denmark
Fenagy’s new HQ was opened by its Director and Co-Founder, Kim G. Christensen (left) and Jacob Bundsgaard, the Mayor of Aarhus.

New Fenagy HQ in Denmark to Produce 100 Large Heat Pumps Annually

Fenagy, a Danish manufacturer of natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R systems, has completed the construction of its new 2,500m(26,910ft2) headquarters and factory, which has the capacity of produce more than 100 large CO2 heat pumps per year.

The facility initially opened in October 2022 but has since been expanded with new office space, pressure-test facilities and a new factory layout. It is located in Lystrup, Denmark, north of Aarhus.

Founded in 2020, Fenagy focuses on manufacturing efficient and competitive CO(R744) refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

In recognition of its commitment to natural refrigerants, Fenagy recently received the Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, a global market accelerator of clean cooling and heating solutions and publisher of

ATMOsphere launched the “ATMO Approved” label in June 2022 as a global gold standard highlighting best-in-class manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components around the world.

Growing heat pump demand

Fenagy has said that its newly expanded production capacity will help it meet the growing demand for heat pumps in Denmark and across Europe.

“The future of heat pumps looks bright across the whole of Europe,” said Kim G. Christensen, Director and Co-Founder of Fenagy. “The new premises makes it possible to supply more than 100 large heat pumps per year, which should be enough to cover the need in Denmark [and] also the increasing need in the countries around us.”

Fenagy’s new 2,500m2 headquarters and production facility is located in Lystrup, Denmark.
Fenagy’s new 2,500m2 headquarters and production facility is located in Lystrup, Denmark.

To date, the company has said it has delivered more than 30 projects and has 50 large heat pumps currently on order.

While its new facility has just opened, Fenagy expects it will have to expand the premises many times in the coming years to meet growing demand.

Outside Denmark, the company has recently established a subsidiary in England with local employees and a servicing contractor.

“We are ready for the increasing interest in large heat pumps with natural refrigerants [that] we are experiencing from England,” added Christensen.

CO2 for large industrial applications

Fenagy’s core business is helping customers in industrial refrigeration and district heating transition to greener and more sustainable technologies. With growing interest in these sectors, the company expects high growth over the coming years and is continuously working to develop new and better heat pump systems.

“The market for [high-capacity] industrial heat pumps is large,” said Christensen. “We are in the process of delivering the first of our 3MW [853TR] heat pumps with new large 8-cylinder compressors.”

As detailed in a presentation by Christensen at last year’s ATMOsphere Europe Summit, CO2-based air source heat pumps are optimal for centralized heating applications up to 10MW (2,843TR).

In addition to larger industrial heat pumps, Fenagy is working on a new series of isobutane (R600a) heat pumps, which it says will be a good supplement to its CO2 offerings, like the H600 heat pump.

Higher performance and COP

To complement its heat pumps, Fenagy also developed technologies to enhance system performance.

“We have fully developed FENeject technology, which are our ejects that ensure higher performance and COP on our heat pumps,” said Christensen.

The company has said that it also has a “strong focus” on its own PLC control, which is used for system monitoring and optimizing.

The control also allows for quick start-up and shutdown of a heat pump’s operation. In turn, this enables district heating plants to quickly react to electricity prices to make the most of lower costs and save money.

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