Carrier Skid CO2 Booster
CO2 Efficiency Booster Skid image via Carrier.

New Carrier Skid Reduces CO2 Rack Energy Consumption by up to 10% Compared to Conventional Booster Systems

The add-on module ‘optimizes’ the operation of evaporators in semi-flooded mode to increase efficiency and reduce defrost time.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, a global supplier of refrigeration systems and services for the food retail industry that is part of Carrier Global Corporation, has announced that its new CO2 efficiency booster skid reduces the energy consumption of CO2 racks by up to 10% compared to conventional booster systems.

According to Carrier, the unit, dubbed CO2OLtec EB, “optimizes” the operation of evaporators in cabinets and cold rooms in semi-flooded mode to increase efficiency and reduce defrost time. The unit’s energy savings are the same with or without parallel compression, the company added.

Configured for food retail: According to Carrier, CO2OLtec EB covers capacities for all food retail projects, with four medium-temperature (MT) and three low-temperature (LT) modules.

  • Refrigeration capacities on the MT modules range from 20‒540kW (5.7‒153.5TR), with outlet temperatures as low as −5°C (23°F).
  • Refrigeration capacities on LT models range from 3‒200kW (0.9‒56.9kW), with outlet temperatures as low as −32°C (−25.6°F).
  • The company indicates that the skid increases system cooling capacities by 5‒15% compared to traditional CO2 racks.
  • “The innovative design [of the skid] incorporates a liquid ejector on MT modules and a liquid/gas heat exchanger for LT modules,” Carrier said.
  • Additional features include a suction accumulator to prevent liquid return to the compressor, an oil return line/suction line bypass for “easier” maintenance and startup and compatibility with multiple controllers.

Versatile solution: CO2OLtec EB, an add-on module with a footprint of less than 1m2 (10.8ft2), “integrates seamlessly” with new or existing racks, Carrier noted.

  • Besides using it with Carrier Commercial Refrigeration equipment, including MiniCO2OL and MaxiCO2OL racks, the unit is also compatible with Danfoss and Eckelmann CO2 racks, says Carrier, with adaption kits available.
  • CO2OLtec EB comes ready for connection with dual safety valves rated 60bar (870psi) for MT and 30bar (435psi) for LT. However, for lower existing rack pressures, the valves can come in 45 or 52bar (653 or 754psi) for MT and 25bar (363psi) for LT.
  • The company provides cable lengths of up to 10m (32.8ft) to support machine room configurations.

What it means for NatRefs: The reduced energy consumption “presents a compelling case for environmentally and economically conscious businesses,” Carrier said.

  • Depending on the installation conditions, the company said the unit’s payback time ranges from one to three years, making it an “investment in sustainability” and “a sound financial decision.”
  • As a retrofit solution, Carrier said the skid minimizes downtime during installation.

Quotable: “We are constantly looking to develop our product range to provide energy optimization solutions for our customers while contributing to a greener future,” said Johan Samuelsson, Managing Director of Mechanical Systems at Carrier Commercial Refrigeration. “The launch of our CO2 efficiency booster skid is yet another advancement, significantly boosting energy efficiency and reducing electrical consumption.”

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