Six of Itomic’s CO2 heat pump water heaters at Dong-A University in South Korea. (Source: Itomic)
Six of Itomic’s CO2 heat pump water heaters at Dong-A University in South Korea. (Source: Itomic)

More Than 500 Itomic CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters Installed in South Korea

This includes 110 units that have been installed at 40 universities across the country since 2006.

More than 500 CO2 (R744) Eco Cute heat pumps, manufactured by Japan-based Itomic, have been installed in South Korea by its local distributor, HANIL ECO, according to a statement from the manufacturer.

Of the 500 Itomic heat pump units installed, 110 are located at 40 universities across the country, including Hoseo University and Dong-A University.

The heat pumps provide hot water for the universities’ student dormitories, sports facilities and catering facilities, replacing existing gas or oil boilers, explained Koji Morimoto, Overseas Manager at Itomic.

Tests conducted by HANIL ECO estimated that the running costs of Itomic’s R744 heat pumps are around 30% lower than the universities’ previous hot water systems, added Morimoto.

Multiple units per site

Since 2006, HANIL ECO has installed 60 of Itomic’s 26kW (7.4TR) and 50 of its 65kW (18.5TR) CO2 heat pumps across the 40 sites, with an average of four units installed at each university, he said.

According to the manufacturer, its 65kW model has a Y-shaped frame that enables installation in places where space is limited.

While its 26kW model has now been discontinued, it has been replaced by a 35kW (10TR) model that is specially designed to work in areas with low ambient temperatures.

Itomic also produces a 15kW (4.3TR) model of the Eco Cute heat pump, which is designed to meet the hot water needs of smaller facilities and stores.

Since introducing the product to the South Korean market, the distributor has met with multiple design companies and universities to explain the benefits of CO2 heat pumps.

While HANIL ECO is focusing on universities as a key market in South Korea, Itomic’s heat pump water heaters are also used in hotels and food processing facilities across the country.

As of April 2022, Itomic had sold more 4,000 Eco Cute units since the product’s launch in 2003. In addition to South Korea, popular overseas markets for Itomic’s heat pumps include Australia, China, Taiwan and South Africa.

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