Leer R290 Cabinets
Leer's new reach-in R290 cooler/freezer cabinet. Photo credit: Leer.

Leer Launches Weatherproof Reach-in R290 Cooler/Freezer Cabinet for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

The new reach-in cooler/freezer cabinet uses a Copeland compressor and offers up to 80ft3 of product space.

U.S.-based OEM Leer ‒ a manufacturer of temperature-controlled solutions, including ice merchandisers, cabinets, trailers and custom-built walk-in units ‒ has launched a new line of weatherproof reach-in propane (R290) cooler/freezer cabinets.

According to Leer, the new S Series, with four models designed for commercial applications, offers “precise temperature control” with an R290 compressor produced by U.S. manufacturer Copeland. The cooler provides temperature ranges from 34 to 46°F (1.1 to 7.8°C) and the freezer from −4 to 0°F (−20 to −17.8°C). The S40 model offers approximately 38ft3 (1.1m3) of controlled temperature space, with the S85 offering 80ft3 (2.3m3).

The new series follows on the heels of Leer’s transition to manufacturing only R290 equipment. According to the company, it first introduced R290 equipment in its product offerings in 2020.

“We are committed to R290 as the refrigerant of the future due to its increased performance, eco-friendly properties and regulatory compliance,” the company says.

S Series specifications: “Rigorous testing under varying ambient temperatures and humidity [proves the cabinet’s] reliability,” said Geoffery Gould, Director of Brand Strategy at Leer, in a company video. “Even in extreme temperatures as high as 120°F [48.9°C], we verified there are no hot spots, ensuring products stay in optimal condition.”

  • The weatherproof construction includes a double-layered steel frame with foam insulation, humidity and corrosion-resistant primer and paint on the exterior, rain shields positioned above the doors and patented offset door seams, resulting in a water-tight seal.
  • The cabinet contains interior LED lights and four adjustable shelves, each capable of holding 100lbs (45.4kg).
  • Electronic controls enable automatic defrost.
  • According to Leer, the cabinet is U.S. Department of Energy compliant, U.S. UL and Canadian ULC certified and NSF food safety approved.

Market applications: “These units, engineered for diverse commercial applications, are perfect for restaurants, convenience stores and more, offering superior reliability and flexibility for indoor and outdoor cold storage needs,” Leer said.

Embracing NatRefs: Leed reports that it sees retailers and customers “increasingly requesting R290 units” due to the refrigerant’s efficient performance, eco-friendly properties and the need to meet federal and state regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Starting January 1, 2025, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires new stand-alone retail food refrigeration units to use a refrigerant with a GWP of less than 150. R290 has a GWP of 3.
  • According to the manufacturer, R290 also provides performance benefits over synthetic refrigerants, including a higher thermal conductivity, allowing Leer ice merchandisers to use only 85–149g of propane. In addition, R290 enables lower high-side compressor pressures, resulting in a projected longer compressor life and more consistent performance to keep products in premium condition.

Quotable: “We understand the challenges businesses face in maximizing their cold storage capacities,” said Ben Albregts, President of Leer. “Our new, fully weatherproof, outdoor refrigerated reach-in storage units address these needs by allowing businesses to leverage their unused outdoor real estate.”

“We are committed to R290 as the refrigerant of the future due to its increased performance, eco-friendly properties and regulatory compliance.”


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