A Kysor Warren Epta US Eco2Large transcritical CO2 rack.
ECO2Large Transcritical Rack from Kysor Warren Epta US. Photo credit: Kysor Warren Epta US.

Kysor Warren Epta US Joins NaturalRefrigerants.com as Gold Partner

The U.S. company manufactures CO2 refrigeration systems and R290 display cases for retail applications.

Kysor Warren Epta US, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems and refrigerated display cases, has joined the world’s leading natural refrigerant HVAC&R stakeholders as a gold partner of the NaturalRefrigerants.com marketplace.

The company manufactures CO2 (R744) transcritical and ammonia (R717) cascade refrigeration systems and propane (R290) and CO2 display cases, providing “complete” solutions for retail outlets such as warehouse clubs, supermarkets and convenience stores.

“In commercial refrigeration, nothing says sustainability like natural refrigerants, and we are committed to sustainability,” Kimberly Mitchell, Country Marketing Manager at Kysor Warren Epta US, told NautralRefrigerants.com.

The company’s newest refrigeration transcritical CO2 rack, the ECO2Large, is designed for medium-to-large stores. It offers adjustable cooling capacities ranging from 80 to 180kW (22.7 to 51.2TR) for medium-temperature (MT) and 12 to 60kW (3.4 to 17.1TR) for low-temperature (LT) applications.

“This platform is dynamic and helps take the complexity out of choosing a transcritical CO2 system,” said Mitchell. The standardized rack comes available with the company’s FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) 2.0 or patented ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) systems and also offers options for heat recovery and redundancy.

ETE technology ‒ successfully used in Australia and the Middle East ‒ supports transcritical operation in mild-to-high ambient temperatures by reducing the formation of flash gas in the flash tank with an extra compressor and some other components connected after the gas cooler.

Other CO2 refrigeration options offered by Kysor Warren include:

  • ECO2Mini, a stand-alone system for indoor or outdoor installation that is “ideal” for remodels or expansions
  • CO2 transcritical booster systems
  • CO2 liquid overfeed/secondary loop systems, capable of pairing with its ammonia cascade system
  • CO2 DX cascade systems

Sustainable cabinets

Along with CO2 refrigeration systems, the company also builds CO2 and R290 display cases.

“We are excited to offer a natural refrigerant self-contained refrigerated case lineup that is environmentally friendly and ideal for use in any store format,” said Mitchell.

The company also offers MT and LT R290 plug-in merchandisers, imported from its parent company Epta, which include:

  • Opera, a semi-vertical open unit the company says is ideal for pre-packaged meat and fish
  • Tango, a self-contained reach-in MT unit for fresh products and beverages
  • Valzer, a self-contained reach-in LT unit for frozen foods

Kyson Warren also produces a LT CO2 refrigerated cabinet, the reach-in Granbering unit, which it said provides “high-visibility” for frozen products.

The ability to join models together allows numerous display configurations for large-format stores, with individual units meeting the needs of small stores.

2019 acquisition

In 2019, Italian OEM Epta acquired Kysor Warren, formerly a division of Lennox subsidiary Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, to form Kysor Warren Epta US. The new company established its headquarters in Columbus, Georgia (U.S.).

Epta builds CO2 refrigeration systems and propane self-contained cases. Its products are sold in Europe, Australia, South America, Asia and Africa. Epta says it currently has more than 7,000 employees and operates 12 production facilities globally.

“The across-the-board skills of the Epta Group and its know-how in the development of natural refrigerant systems dovetail with Kysor Warren’s long-established experience serving North American Retailers,” Kysor Warren says on its website.

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