J&E Hall compressor pack
J&E Hall compressor pack

J&E Hall’s Ammonia Compressor Packs Satisfy Storage Site’s Low-Temperature 1.2MW Load

In a system replacement, the U.K. manufacturer’s bespoke refrigeration package matches peak demand with ammonia at -27°C.

In a refrigeration system replacement, U.K. manufacturer J&E Hall recently satisfied a temperature-controlled storage site’s 1.2MW (341TR) load with a custom-designed bespoke refrigeration package installation using ammonia (R717) compressor packs (racks).

The site required refrigerated cooling ‒ predominantly freezer/low-temperature cooling ‒ in numerous areas for storing and distributing different products, J&E Hall said in a press release.

“The compressor packs are housed with HallScrew compressors, two HSO2028 and one HSO2024,” the company said. “[The] packs form a key component of the replacement with the economized, pumped (3:1) low-temperature ammonia refrigeration plant system install.”

Each compressor features:

  • variable speed drive (VSD), providing capacity control based on demand changes;
  • an economizer to reinject refrigerant vapor, increasing compressor capacity and efficiency; and
  • oil cooling via the pack’s plate-and-shell heat exchanger.

“The heat exchanger transfers heat to a pumped (run and standby) glycol circuit and is rejected through coils in two off evaporative condensers,” J&E Hall said.

When combined, the packs meet the 1.2MW load, the company said, adding that the installation “matched the site’s peak demand with ammonia at -27°C [-16.6°F].”

Expanding distribution

In May 2022, J&E Hall announced it is expanding its U.K. distribution network by adding TF Solutions to its other distributors. “Like our other distributors TF Solutions will stock our commercial condensing units for U.K. installers and contractors,” said Paul McDermott, U.K. Sales Manager for J&E Hall.

Earlier this year, the manufacturer announced it is expanding its team by employing three of the company’s eight participants from the U.K. Kickstart Scheme. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the now-closed government program helped businesses create employment opportunities for low-income and unemployed people 19‒24 years old.

“We have been lucky enough to find three amazingly good people to join our team permanently,” said Martin Jefkins, HR Director at J&E Hall.

With over 125 years of refrigeration experience, J&E Hall added ammonia refrigeration to its product range by the early 1920s, according to the company’s website. Now part of the Daikin Group, the company, headquartered in Kent, England, manufactures several refrigeration products, including the HallScrew single-screw compressor, compressor packs and Aquachill low-charge ammonia chillers.

“[The] packs form a key component of the replacement with the economized, pumped (3:1) low-temperature ammonia refrigeration plant system install.”

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