Evapco Low-Charge Chiller

IIAR 2022: Evapco Unveils Low-Capacity Version of its Air-Cooled Low-Charge Chiller

The low-capacity single-compressor chiller will be followed by a large-capacity dual-compressor unit, complementing the large-capacity single-compressor chiller released last year.

U.S. manufacturer Evapco has released its latest low-charge, air-cooled packaged ammonia/NH3 (R717) chiller to accommodate low-capacity industrial applications.

This week, Evapco is showcasing its low-charge packaged ammonia penthouse and chiller units at the IIAR 2022 Conference in Savannah, Georgia (U.S.)

The new low-capacity LCR-C-SSA (SSA stands for small single-compressor air-cooled) chiller comes in 12 models that span a capacity range of 40 to 100TR (104.7 to 351.7kW) at 10°F (-12.2°C) SST and 22°F (-5.6°C) glycol.

After completing the rollout of its water cooled low-charge packaged ammonia chillers, Taneytown, Maryland-based Evapco started the development of tan air-cooled chiller product line in 2019.

Last summer, Evapco released a large-capacity chiller, the LSA (large single-compressor air-cooled). In addition to the new SSA chiller, Evapco has developed a large-capacity LDA (large dual- compressor air-cooled) version. Both large-capacity chillers deliver capacities of between 100 and 200TR (351.7 and 703.4kW).

“We have been finalizing the development of the SSA and LDA over the last year,” said Kurt Liebendorfer, Vice President of Evapco. “The SSA product line was just completed, with the LDA product line right behind it.”

All SSA chillers can use either an air-cooled or adiabatic condenser, “whichever is the better/optimum selection for the application,” said Liebendorfer. The AM model of the SSA chiller features an air-cooled microchannel condenser while the F model uses a flooded liquid-feed evaporator.

Applications of the SSA chiller include dairies, wineries, bottling plants, food-and-beverage process loads, warehouse docks and coolers, ice rinks, thermal storage and industrial processes, as well HVAC applications.

Evapco has pioneered the low-charge packaged ammonia system, installing its first penthouse unit at Western Gateway Cold Storage in Utah in 2016. Typical ammonia charges range from 2.5 to 5.5lbs/TR (0.31 to 0.71kg/kW), depending on condenser selection.

The company recently acquired Systèmes LMP, a Canadian manufacturer of transcritical CO2 systems, creating Evapco LMP.

“The SSA product line was just completed, with the LDA product line right behind it.”

Kurt Liebendorfer, VP, Evapco

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