Secon Renews Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere

Hydrocarbon Chiller Manufacturer Secon Renews Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere

The ATMO Approved label is a global gold standard highlighting best-in-class manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components.

Secon, a German hydrocarbon chiller manufacturer, has renewed the Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, a global market accelerator of clean cooling and heating solutions, and publisher of

Secon was initially granted the label last August.

ATMOsphere (formerly shecco)  launched the “ATMO Approved” label last June as a global gold standard highlighting best-in-class manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components around the world.  Other companies that have been awarded the label include TEKO, M&M Carnot, Secon, Mayekawa Europe, Efficient Energy, Zudek, Güntner and Temprite. Güntner recently became the first company to renew the label.

“As a manufacturer that works exclusively with natural refrigerants, the ATMO Approval is an excellent opportunity to have our environmentally friendly approach independently confirmed,” said Joachim Schadt, General Manager of Secon. “For this reason, there was no question for us to extend the approval for 2023.”

The label is designed to help qualified manufacturers to market products to new customers and regions in the natural refrigerants marketplace, including products using CO2 (R744). In addition, the label is meant to help end users to identify best-in-class suppliers.

Once approved, companies can place the ATMOsphere Natural Refrigerant Label in a myriad of places, such as directly on products, marketing material, email signatures, and company pitches and trade show booths.

“The label will be very visible in the global marketplace, and companies can take advantage of this to strengthen their brand,” noted Marc Chasserot, ATMOsphere Founder and CEO.

“By being global and multi-application, this label can help to create trust across the new applications and regions,” added Chasserot. “We want to use this multi-year label process to help move the market to cleaner solutions with natural refrigerant solutions over time.”

“Secon has been using only natural refrigerants for many years,” said Schadt. “With the ATMO-approved certificate, there is now a possibility to have this certified by an independent body. This gives potential customers an excellent opportunity to orientate themselves in this market and to choose the right partner.”

Secon was founded in 2010 with the aim of manufacturing chillers solely on the basis of natural refrigerants and became one of the first companies to develop production-ready hydrocarbon chillers.

Throughout the German-speaking region, Secon has become a key player in this expanding market segment.

In addition to manufacturing a range of propane (R290) chillers, Secon utilizes propene (R1270) and isobutane (R600a) refrigerants in its products and offers subcritical CO(R744) refrigeration systems and machines with air-cycle technology. The manufacturer has many industrial customers for its hydrocarbon-based chillers, including a German brewery and a large German retailer

Secon is one of the few companies to offer chillers with up to four separate refrigerant circuits, the company said. Its engineering consistently aims to reduce refrigerant charge sizes.

Secon‘s products‘ safety standards are recognized in current norms and technical guidelines. The safety concept is developed in-house and applied to all chillers with flammable refrigerants; it ensures safe plant operation for the whole range of applications, the company said.

Three pillars

To qualify for an ATMOsphere label, manufacturers have to demonstrate excellence across three pillars:

1) company vision;

2) customer satisfaction (measured via testimonials from multiple end users confirming the reliability, performance and service of these companies and products); and

3) measurable impact.

In regard to Secon, one customer representative, Gerald Hermanseder, Branch Manager, of HVAC&R provider Equans Kältetechnik GmbH, said Secon’s air-cooled brine chillers of the STRATOS series “have been convincing in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality right from the start. The efficiency of the devices has already been confirmed.”

Added Hermanseder, “We are well looked after and appreciate the good quality of the products.”

Companies can apply for the label on the label’s webpage.

ATMOsphere has been active in the natural refrigerant space for nearly 20 years. During this time, the company has:

  • published dozens of natural refrigerant-related market reports on market players, technologies, and solutions worldwide across multiple applications;
  • hosted over 60 international natural refrigerant conferences, bringing together thousands of experts and hundreds of speakers over nearly 15 years, covering all the latest trends and players;
  • written thousands of articles reporting on natural refrigerant companies and products in the industry;
  • sent representatives to hundreds of trade shows around the world, meeting with natural refrigerant experts face-to-face (in addition to countless individual meetings outside official events).

“We feel that, as an independent player with a global mindset and a global presence, across all natural refrigerants and multiple applications, we are very well suited to provide this level of approval for the label,” explained Chasserot.

“As a manufacturer that works exclusively with natural refrigerants, the ATMO Approval is an excellent opportunity to have our environmentally friendly approach independently confirmed.”

Joachim Schadt, General Manager of Secon

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