Copeland Heat Pump System Tour
Heat Pump System Tour: Photo Credit Copeland.

Hydro-Québec to Hold Tour of Large CO2 Heat Pump System

The October 18 event – intended for engineers and sustainability professionals – will explore decarbonization, energy savings, thermal storage, multi-level controls, and funding and incentives programs.

On October 18, the Canadian utility Hydro-Québec, in conjunction with U.S-based manufacturer Copeland, is offering a tour of the utility’s 1.3MW (379TR) CO2 (R744) water-to-water heat pump system located in Shawinigan, Quebec, with technical commentary from industry experts on design, features and components.

A part of the tour features what Copeland dubs the world’s largest transcritical CO2 screw compressor, manufactured by Vilter (now part of Copeland).

“Learn how heat pump technology can be applied to new and retrofit projects,” said Copeland in the announcement. Presentation topics at the event include looking at the complete thermal envelope of a building, heat pump technology for decarbonization, thermal storage, multi-level controls integration, projecting energy savings, and funding and incentive programs.

Intended for engineering and sustainability professionals involved in energy efficiency and/or carbon reduction projects in industrial and large commercial facilities, the event – including tour, lunch and presentations – will run from 9 am to 4 pm EDT, Copeland said.

Industry experts from Hydro-Québec speaking at the event will include Carlo Benedetti, Engineer; Etienne St-Cyr, Manager, Energy Expertise; and Hakim Nesreddine, Senior Head of Research and R&D. Copeland speakers will include Jonathan Berney, Director, Business Development; André Patenaude, Director Solutions Strategy; Alain Mongrain, Contractor Business Development Manager; and Dominique Monney, Research & Innovation Consultant, Vilter. Another speaker will be Pierre Levesque, President, Ceptek Technologies.

The registration deadline is September 30. Interested attendees can register here; Copeland warned that space is limited.

Best in sector

With over 12,000 hours of demonstrated operation, Hydro-Québec won Best in Sector/Industrial for its CO2 heat pump, co-developed with Vilter, at the ATMO America Summit 2023; the event was held June 12–13 in Washington, D.C. and hosted by ATMOsphere, publisher of

The eco-friendly unit was designed to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with thermal energy storage, enabling grid flexibility. With a combined COP of 6.4, the heat pump can simultaneously provide 1.7MW (483TR) heating capacity and 1.3MW cooling capacity per compressor.

According to its website, Hydro-Québec has generated, transmitted and distributed electricity for 75 years. “Our grid will transition to a more complex and interactive energy system” to meet the Quebec government’s 2030 Plan for a Green  Economy, the company says.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Copeland (formerly Emerson) is a 100-year-old HVAC brand manufacturing compressors, controls, heat pumps, valves and other technologies for residential, commercial and industrial applications, including those using natural refrigerants like ammonia (R717), CO2, and propane (R290).

“Learn how heat pump technology can be applied to new and retrofit projects.”


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